Investment Map

A building permit

  1. General scheme of procedure for obtaining a building permit

* The city development plan of land parcel (CDPLP) includes the following information:

  • boundaries of the land parcel;
  • boundaries of areas of effect of public easements;
  • minimum offsets from the land parcel boundaries in order to determine the allowable places for placement of buildings, structures, constructions, beyond which the construction of buildings, structures and constructions is prohibited;
  • information on the city development regulation. The city development plan of land parcel must contain information about all stipulated by the city development regulation types of permitted usage of land parcel;
  • information on the permitted usage of the land parcel, requirements to a purpose, parameters and placement of an object of capital construction on stated land parcel;
  • information on located within the boundaries of the land parcel capital construction objects, objects of cultural heritage;
  • information on the technical conditions of connection of capital construction objects to the networks of engineering and technical support;
  • borders of the zone of the planned deployment of capital construction objects for state or municipal needs.

The total duration of the procedure for obtaining building permits up to 6 months.

  1. Order of conducting of engineering surveys
  2. Preparation by the Investor of project documentation for construction (reconstruction) of an object
  3. Conducting of a state examination of project
  4. Obtaining by the Investor of a building permit