Investment Map

Registration of legal entity

  1. Determine legal forms, location and type of activity

Joint Stock Company (JSC) - authorized capital is divided into a certain number of shares certifying liability rights of society members (shareholders) in relation to society. Shareholders are not liable for the obligations of society and bear the risk of losses associated with it's activity in the value of their shares.

  • JSC must have at least thousand times more than minimum wage set by federal law at the date of company registration (100 000 rubles);
  • CJSC - not less than one hundred times more than minimum wage set by federal law at the date of the company registration (10 000 rubles).
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC) - company is found by one or several persons whose authorized capital is divided into shares according to constitutive documents.

Participants are not responsible for company obligations and take the risk of losses connected with the company's activities according to their holdings (investment). The minimum share capital of LLC - not less than one hundred times the amount of the minimum wage established by federal law at the date of registration of the Company (10,000 rubles).

  1. Procedure of state registration in the tax authority at the location of the permanent executive authority

Registration of legal entities with foreign founder:

  • Name of a legal entity (Full name in Russian and foreign languages, abbreviation)
  • Authorized capital, size and investment method (The minimum authorized capital is 10 000 rubles for LLC and CJSC, 100 000 rubles for JSC, cash and property)
  • List of founders of the registered legal person
  • Necessary information for LLC (LLC with foreign capital might have been founded by any member of company)
  • Taxation (Normal; simplified 6% from income or income minus cost - 9%)
  • List of economic activities of the company
  • Legal address
  • Information about CEO of the company with foreign participation.
  • Contacts

If CEO is foreign citizen, he must have a copy of the passport with a notarized translation.

Founders (foreign legal entities) of registered company must have:

  • Legal extract from the trade register. This document is provided by the International Federal Taxation Authority as a certified translation.
  • Information about the CEO of a legal entity, if the company is LLC and have foreign founder, with a certified translation
  • Documents, confirming the authorities of the CEO, in the form of a notarized translation
  • Basic documents of the foreign company in the form of a notarized translation.

In the taxation authority during a registration entity with foreign founder must be provided following documents:

  • Notarized application for state registration;
  • Decision of the founder or protocol on the establishment (If several founders);
  • Charter and its copy;
  • Payments for state registration of a legal entity and a charter copy;
  • Request for tax structure change(If the company from the moment of state registration decides to change tax system);
  • Application for charter copy;
  • Notarized translation of legal extract from the trade register. If the company founder is a legal entity, such extract is provided for each founder of a foreign organization;
  • Notarized translation of foreign citizen's passport, if the foreign citizen will be a director of created LLC, as well as the applicant.

After state registration of the legal entity:

  • A copy of the Charter, the IRS certified by the registering authority;
  • Establishment decision or protocol of general meeting;
  • Extract from the Consolidated State Register of Legal Entities;
  • Certificate of registration in the tax authority at the place of company location (Taxpayer ID);
  • State registration certificate (PSRN);
  • Request for tax structure change (If the company from the moment of state registration decides to change tax system to the simplified)

State registration is carried out during 7 days.

NOTE: The tax authority no later than one working day from the state registration date issues (sends) to an applicant the document confirming entry in the USR, and also represents the information contained in state funds for the registration of the legal entity as insurers.

  1. Open account in any bank

  2. Obtain the necessary license for the economic activities, export-import transactions (Licensing chamber of the Vladimir region, Trade Chamber of the Vladimir Region)

  3. Register capital issue for JSC during the year (representative of the regional branch of the Federal Commission for the Stock Markets in the regions of Russia)