Investment Map

Provision of land with prior approval of the object location

Providing the land for the construction:

  1. Rent;
  2. In permanent (perpetual) use for state and municipal institutions, federal state enterprises as well as public and local authorities;
  3. In the free use for religious organizations for the construction of buildings with charitable purposes for the period of construction.

Citizen or legal entity whose interested in providing of land for the construction, must apply to municipal administration about a land selection and preliminary location of the object.

Statement must include purpose of the object, its location, approximate size of land and document for rights transfer. The application may include technical and economic data or necessary calculations. Application for the land selection must be sent duringto the authorized authority 5 days.

Authorized local authority which manage the lands:

  1. Within 5 days, Manager have to send a request to permit the use of land and ensure it with engineering, transport and social infrastructure, technical conditions and payments for connecting objects to engineering and technical support, and also cadastral maps (plans) containing information about the location. Information is provided free within two weeks from the date of the request;
  2. Based on this information received within 30 days, act of land choice is created with attached land scheme approved in the cadastral plan or cadastral map of the territory in accordance with the possible land construction;
  3. In the case of the taking away of the land through the purchase for public use, the act of land selection included estimates of land owners and land users losses;

Commission make a decision on the provision lands for the construction or return the documents for revision to the competent authority within 5 days. If documents have mistakes, the commission's decision is prepared as the protocol.

Head of the municipality makes a decision on the results of the commission's work within 5 days:

  • Decisions on possible object location, act of land choosing or a justified refusal to object location;
  • Issue to the applicant a copy of the decision on preliminary approval of the object location with addition of the cadastral plan or cadastral map of the territory or refuse to object location within seven days.

Preliminary approval of the object location is the basis for further decision to provide land for the construction. Decision is valid for three years.

Decision on preliminary approval of the object location is the basis of the establishment in accordance with the applicant request and land boundaries, and its state cadastral registration by federal law.

Head of the municipality as on citizen application or entity interested in providing land for construction, and applied to it the land cadastral passport within two weeks will make a decision on the land provision for the construction and concludes a lease for a period of design and construction.

The decision on provision land for the construction is valid for 3 years.

Providing the land with preliminary approval of the location is not allowed for the implementation of housing, as well as in cases when the declaration indicates the place previously provided for territory, land use and development of any other objects.