Investment Map

Preparation by the Investor of project documentation for construction (reconstruction) of an object

After receiving on hands of a package of Initial permit documentation for conduction of design and survey works, the next step of investor/developer will be design of the project documentation.

Project documentation - material in a text form and in form of maps (schemes) and defining architectural, functional and technological, structural and engineering solutions for provision of construction and reconstruction of objects of capital construction, their parts, general overhaul, if during conduction are affected constructive and other characteristics of reliability and safety of capital construction objects.

Preparation of project documentation is carried out by a specialized engineering organization on the basis of:

  • Assignments of the Investor/developer ;
  • Results of engineering surveys;
  • City development plan of land parcel in accordance with the requirements of technical regulations, technical specifications;
  • Permission on deviation from the limiting parameters of permitted construction, reconstruction of capital construction objects.

Project documentation for capital construction objects, except of project documentation of linear objects, includes following sections:

  1. Explanatory note with indication of all source data for architectural and construction design, construction, reconstruction, general overhaul of capital construction objects, including the results of engineering surveys, technical specifications;
  2. Scheme of the planned organization of a land parcel, designed in accordance with the city development plan of land parcel;
  3. Architectural solutions;
  4. Constructive and space-planning solutions;
  5. Information about the engineering equipment, networks of engineering and technical support, list of engineering activities, content of technological solutions;
  6. Project of organization of building of capital construction objects;
  7. Project of organization of works on demolition or dismantling of capital construction objects, their parts (in case of necessity of demolition and dismantling of capital construction objects, their parts for construction, reconstruction of other capital construction objects);
  8. List of measures for environmental protection;
  9. List of measures for ensure of fire safety;
  10. List of measures to ensure the access of disabled persons to the facilities of health, education, culture, recreation, sports and other socio-cultural and household assignment, objects of transport, trade, catering , objects of business, administrative, financial, religious assignment, objects of housing facilities (in the case of preparation of relevant project documentation);
  11. Estimates for construction, reconstruction, general overhaul of capital construction objects, financed at the expense of respective budgets;
  12. The list of activities on ensure of compliance with the requirements of energy efficiency and requirements of equipment of buildings, structures and constructions with accounting devices of used energy resources;

Project documentation is approved by the Investor/developer.