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The procedure of technological connection to the gas supply networks

Connection of a capital construction object to the gas-supply system after conclusion of a contract on connection according to stages, is carried out in accordance with the procedure stated by the Rules of gas usage and provision of gas supply services in the Russian Federation, approved by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of May 17, 2002 № 317.

In accordance with the existing legislation payment for connection to the gas networks must be established by an agreement between the parties - local authorities and Investor/Developer.

Local government also recommend to the Investor/Developer an organization - Contractor with a purpose of optimal connection of an object under construction to the gas network.

To connect object to the gas-supply systems, Investor/Developer addresses to the Contractor:

  • statement on connection containing full and abbreviated names of the company of Investor/Developer, its location and mailing address;
  • notarized copies of constituent documents, as well as documents, confirming credentials of the person that signed the application;
  • documents of title for the land parcel;
  • lay out of the object bound to the territory of the Community ;
  • topographic map of the land parcel in a scale of 1:500 (with all surface and underground utilities and structures), coordinated with operating organizations;
  • information on the timings of construction (reconstruction) and commissioning of an object under construction (reconstruction).

In the case of provision of all documents, Contractor within 30 days starting from the date when he received them, directs to the Investor/Developer a signed contract on connection and information on connection conditions.

In accordance with issued by the Contractor of connection conditions of a capital construction object to the gas-supply system, Investor/Developer develops the project documentation approved in the established order. Deviations from the connection conditions necessity of which was revealed during designing are subject to mandatory agreement with the Contractor.

After performing by the Investor/Developer of connection conditions of a capital construction object to the gas-supply system, Contractor gives permission to the Investor/Developer to conduct capital construction object to the gas-supply system. After connection Contractor and Investor/Developer must sign an instrument of accession.

Gas tariffs are set by the Federal Tariff Service (FTS) (Moscow city, 7 Kitaygorodskiy drive, 1st builing, telephone: +7 (495) 710-45-07, in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. Then gas tariffs are agreed with the department of prices and tariffs of the regional administration. Tariffs are established and approved at the beginning of each year.

Gas tariffs are formed from 3 (three) components: the wholesale price of gas, cost of gas transportation, payment for supply and sales services.

Wholesale prices for the natural gas, extracted by the JSC "Gazprom" and its affiliates are defined by the Order of the FTS of Russia dated 12.12.2009, № 440 -e/2.

Tariffs for transportation of natural gas through the networks of gas distribution organizations of Vladimir region and amount of payment for supply and sales services in 2010, provided by the LLC "Vladimirregiongaz" were approved by the Order of FTS of Russia dated 20.11.2009 № 307- e/7.

Final prices of gas sold to the legal entities are defined in accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of May 28, 2007 № 333.