Investment Map

The procedure of technological connection of an object under construction to the water supply networks, drainage system and waste-water treatment

Similarly to the procedure of connection to the gas-supply system, for optimal connection to the water supply networks, drainage system and waste-water treatment, Investor/Developer appeals to the local authorities to select the executing organization.

Payment for connection to water supply networks must be established according to the parties' agreement - local authorities and Investor/Developer. Fundamental normative document regulating the procedure of establishing the connection fee is the Decree of the Government of Russian Federation of 09.06.2007 № 360 "On the rules of conclusion and execution of public contracts on connection to the systems for municipal infrastructure".

Tariffs on water supply and water drain, in case of presence of investment programs are approved by Council of the People's Deputies where the object of Investor/Developer is located. If the investment programs on modernization (expansion and reconstruction) of municipal networks are absent, than tariffs are set by the local governments and approved by the Head of the District in accordance with the Federal Laws of 06.10.2003 № 131-FZ "On general principles of organization of local government in the Russian Federation", of 30.12.2004 № 210-FZ “On the basic principles of tariff regulation of communal organizations", Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of 14.07.2008 № 520 "On the basic principles of pricing and procedure of tariff regulation, allowances and limiting indexes in activity of organizations of municipal complex"

Investor/Developer in order to connect the capital construction object to the water supply networks, drainage system and waste-water treatment provides to the Contractor:

  • documents stated in the list of needed for connection to the gas-supply system;
  • balance of water consumption and water drain of connecting object with stating of types of water consumption including in case of fire-fighting;
  • information on the composition of water-borne wastes scheduled for discharge into the sewer system;
  • information on purpose of the object, height and number of number of storeys of the building;
  • information on subsubscribers.

The Contractor must provide to the Investor/Developer conditions of connection of capital construction object to the water supply networks, drainage system and waste-water treatment, where must be specified:

  • Validity of connection conditions;
  • point of attachment to the water supply networks and (or) drainage system, as well as waste-water treatment (address, number of well or camera);
  • special technical requirements for capital construction objects, including the devices and facilities for connection;
  • guaranteed free pressure in the place of connection and geodetic mark of the pipe’s top;
  • allowable volume of extraction of drinking water and water consumption regime (release);
  • requirements on installation of devices for measuring the drinking water and device of account unit;
  • requirements on ensure of compliance with the requirements of fire safety and supply of estimated amounts of drinking water for fire-fighting;
  • a list of measures for rational use of drinking water;
  • mark the trays in the places of attachment to the sewerage system;
  • standards of water drain (allowable amount, composition and mode of wastes discharge);
  • requirements for the devices for execution of samples and recording the wastewater volume;
  • requirements for reduction of wastewater discharge and pollutants;
  • boundaries of operational responsibility of water supply company and Investor/Developer.

Before the start of resources supply, created by the Investor/Developer plumbing devices and facilities are subject to flushing and disinfection at the expense of Investor/Developer till obtainment of the results of analyzes of water quality, that meet sanitary requirements. The act on flushing of stated plumbing devices and facilities, compiled and signed by the Contractor and Investor/Developer must contain information about defined on the base of indications of measuring the amount of drinking water, consumed for flushing.

Potable water supply is carried out only if there is a permission of federal executive authority, authorized to implement state sanitary and epidemiological supervision.